Jazz, Funk, Soul and House music are the most important influences on me as a saxophone player. Inspired by Maceo Parker, Art Pepper and Cannonball Adderley I played the solo’s by ear from my dad’s music collection on L.P.  Combining this with the lessons of Rik van den Bergh, Jan de Ligt and Ben Rodenburg I developed a free approach to music. Once a booking agent called me a Freestyle Saxophonist and I guess that just covers it all.  Visit my facebook artist page for up-to-date venues like The Harbourclub, Hugh Rotterdam, Villa Thalia, Millers and party’s hosted by Hed Kandhi, Strandclub WIJ, Mysterious, The Harbourclub Ibiza, Gaypride Canal parade and Bloomingdale. I have played with several well know artists in the Dutch clubscene.The latest team up is with DJ Nagilo from Rotterdam. After a lot of wedding shows, business events and clubbing we try to bring a new sound to the audience. We call ourself ” Sophisticated ” because that happens when real housemusic blends with some funky sax. My unique selling point is the skill to improvise by ear. This makes me a good choice combined with a DJ to musically enhance your event.   I have the strong ability to get the groove on at every single occasion.

Visit www.sophisticated.live for more information about our live act and recorded songs.


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